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  • DNA-based microbial analysis - Identify and Quantify nearly all microbes in your sample

    DNA-based microbial analysis - Identify and Quantify nearly all microbes in your sample


    “…Microbe Detectives has been incredibly accommodating and has extracted and analyzed the DNA from our environmental samples. They also quantified the array of bacteria present in the samples and supplied the collection of data in comprehensible formats with descriptions of the functions of known bacteria or bacterial classes. We are still in the process of gathering more samples and look forward to further help from Microbe Detectives in interpreting the data generated.”

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    Introducing DNAmyWater®, the world’s most comprehensive microbial test for drinking water. This service is offered exclusively by Microbe Detectives.

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    Introducing DNAmyWastewater®, the world’s most comprehensive microbial diagnostic test for wastewater treatment plants. This service is offered exclusively by Microbe Detectives.


    Case Studies:

    Membrane Biofouling Case Study

    Drinking Water Distribution System Case Study

    Wastewater Treatment Troubleshooting Case Study

    Microbe Detectives provides DNA-based microbial analysis for wastewater, well water and drinking water troubleshooting, monitoring and testing. Microbe Detectives also provides analysis and microbial consulting for environmental remediation, food, beverage, personal care products and pharmaceutical manufacturing. We provide services that can identify and quantify nearly all microbes in your samples including coliforms, E. coli, Enterococcus, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Borrelia (Lyme disease), Salmonella, Listeria, Legionella, spoilage microbes, Sulfate-reducing bacteria, iron oxidizing bacteria, ammonia oxidizing bacteria, Anammox, Accumlibacter, biological phosphorus removal, anaerobic digester, methanogens, etc. Simply send us an email describing your needs and we will ship you sample bottles with a shipping container and pre-paid shipping label.

    Our services can be used for source tracking of fecal pollution, investigating biofilms in drinking water distribution systems, iron oxidizing bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria; taste, odor and color problems in drinking water, monitoring drinking source waters and membrane fouling and biofouling.

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    Recent News

    8-26-14 – Microbe Detectives wins Wisconsin Innovation Award 

    4-14-14 Microbe Detectives advances to third round of the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Competition 

    4-14-14 Congratulations to Annie Weidert of Microbe Detectives for winning the Courageous Woman Entrepreneur Award ($25,000) at the Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s richest and largest business plan competition!

    4-7-14 Microbe Detectives published Membrane Biofouling Case Study in Water Environment & Technology April Issue

    3-12-14Microbe Detectives selected as a finalist in the Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s largest and richest business plan competition

    3-10-14 – Microbe Detectives publishes Distribution System case study in the Journal of the American Water Works Association titled: DNA-based microbial analysis detects and locates potential contamination in distribution systems

    3-7-14Microbe Detectives selected to participate in the MinION Access Programme to beta test the world’s smallest and most powerful DNA sequencer from Oxford Nanopore.

    2-26-14Microbe Detectives competed with nearly 300 companies and advances to semi-finals of Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Competition

    2-19-14 – Microbe Detectives wins Supercomputer Grant with Milwaukee Institute

    2-13-14Microbe Detectives mentioned as one of city’s water innovators at Greater Milwaukee Committee meeting

    2-4-14Microbe Detectives Adds New Board Member

    1-30-14Microbe Detectives selected for the short-list to present at the Technology Assessment Group forum in Orange County, CA. The forum was organized and moderated by Isle Utilities to help develop and commercialize emerging technologies in the water industry.

    1-15-14Microbe Detectives forms partnership with Milwaukee’s SF Labs to improve the offerings of both companies.

    1-11-14Microbe Detectives features in Wisconsin Water Association Magazine

    1-10-14Microbe Detectives featured in Central States Water Environment Association Magazine

    1-2-14Microbe Detectives Brings DNA Sequencing to Water

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