Microbiome Evaluation using Next Generation DNA Sequencing

Our analysis will be produced by a doctoral-level application expert and will include a summary of the total data, focusing on bacteria that are typically important in water systems, the full data is also provided in a spreadsheet. Data presented are bacterial relative abundance (% of total bacteria in the sample). For example 0.12% Actinobacteria means that 0.12% of bacteria in the sample are Actinobacteria.

DNA analysis includes kit with collection supplies. Select from four packages, priced per system, based on number of samples sequenced and reports issued:

The objective of WMPRs is to enable clients to more confidently, effectively and efficiently optimize biological systems, mitigate contamination threats, and validate the impact of a change in design, operations or treatment. WMPRs are designed by doctoral-level application experts, focusing on microbes generally important in water and wastewater systems, and specifically important in target applications.

WMPR contents include:

  1. All DNA sequencing and operational data collected for one system over time
  2. Application tables that analyze the data in a specilized way for each application
  3. Dashboard graphs that track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) over time

Each WMPR is focused on a target application for a given system. Clients with multiple systems may receive consolidated reports for their systems.