Energenecs Sales Training

Drive Growth in your Sales Territory using Microbe Detectives services

  • Differentiate Energenecs
  • Know more about client processes than anyone else
  • Validate effectiveness of treatment technology, changes in operations, changes in designs
  • Build trust through competent ongoing client services
  • Present case studies at conferences, seminars, and trade shows
  • Generate sales leads
  • Upsell Energenecs

The Business Process 1.0

  1. Determine the questions you want to answer or the problems you want to solve
  2. Order the analysis package that best matches your clients needs (online)
  3. Receive sample collection supplies from Microbe Detectives
  4. Collect and ship samples to Microbe Detectives
  5. Receive Microbe Detectives’ Microbiome Digital Signature report via email
  6. Discuss the results with Microbe Detectives and the client
  7. Determine action items, follow up, and repeat

Order the analysis package

Energenecs (or client) orders online at MicrobeDetectives.com/order-water-microbiome-dna-analysis/ (purple buttons on website)

Client selects from three packages, priced for one system in one facility, based on number of samples sequenced and reports issued. Prices include collection kits and Microbiome Digital Signature reports, additional consulting is available as an option ($250 per sample). Microbe Detectives ships collection kit to client within 2 business days via USPS Priority or Express mail

Collect and ships samples

Client receives kit, collects sample and registers sample online at MicrobeDetectives.com/register using the sample identification number on the COC card/filter holder/bags. Client ships collected sample to Microbe Detectives.

draw water

A. Draw 1ml of wastewater or draw 50ml of process or surface water. For drinking water, draw 50ml into the syringe, repeat steps A, B, C and D six times to push through a total of 300ml or until you feel back pressure, indicating filter clogging.

screw housing

B. Screw the filter housing onto the syringe. The housing contains a filter to collect microbes.

push water

C. Push the syringe plunger to force sample through the filter housing. Stop forcing through the filter if you feel back pressure indicating filter clogging. Record the actual volume.

unscrew housing

D. Unscrew the filter housing from the syringe. Discard syringe after total amount is collected. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE FILTER HOUSING. This would expose and contaminate sample.

The unique sample identification number is issued after ordering and is used for registration and identification on reports:

Facility and system are input during online ordering, collection supplies are shipped with unique sample ID numbers

Client ships sample (filter and bags which are also labeled with the same sample ID number) and COC card

Client registers sample, facility and system should be the same as the order input

Sample information is pulled from registration in reports

Sample information is pulled from registration in reports

Microbe Detectives’ Microbiome Digital Signature report

Microbe Detectives stores samples received then ships to lab on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The lab processes samples then sends raw data to Microbe Detectives in six business days, Microbe Detectives processes the raw data and produces Microbiome Digital Signature Report within 2-3 business days and sends to client via the email that was input during ordering.


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