luminultra alliance partner

LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

LuminUltra is a global firm with customers and sales network partners spanning from North America to Asia and all points in between. Since their initial launch in 2003, they have converted their line of test kits into solutions tailored to specific applications for monitoring and controlling microbes in drinking water, manufacturing industries, energy applications and wastewater treatment.

LuminUltra provides real-time, on-site microbiological monitoring and control products and services based on the company’s 2nd Generation ATP® (Adenosine Triphosphate) technology. This technology provides a fast and accurate means of quantifying total microbiological activity in water and wastewater processes, allowing operators to take real-time action to mitigate microbiological problems. When microbiological activity is detected above prescribed thresholds, Microbe Detectives can apply next-generation DNA sequencing technology and proprietary methods to identify nearly 100% of the microorganisms present, organize them based on their functional properties in a given application, and show the relative proportions of specific microorganism types present.

A Powerful Combination

Combining LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP® monitoring solutions with Microbe Detectives’ advanced DNA analysis and classification service allows you to identify and analyze the entire microbiome. This offers drinking water and wastewater managers critical answers as to why control was lost AND how to fix and prevent future problems.

Both tools can be used to audit new processes and identify problem areas that require immediate attention. Once the process is under control, keep it that way through daily testing and monitoring via 2nd Generation ATP® test kits and software and periodic sampling for metagenomics profiles to observe changes in microorganism types and distribution.