Microbe Detectives Forms Alliance Partnerships With Water Quality Investigations, LLC and ByoGon, Inc.

Partnerships lever breakthrough advancements in DNA science to deliver risk mitigation and cost savings benefits associated with drinking water and wastewater systems

MILWAUKEE, WI – February 1, 2016 – Microbe Detectives LLC, a Wisconsin-based pioneer in environmental metagenomic services, announced today that it has formed an Alliance Partnership with Water Quality Investigations, LLC, (WQI), of Mount Horeb, WI and separately with ByoGon, Inc of Charleston, SC. WQI is a consulting firm and specialty lab focused on water quality issues in groundwater wells, water treatment and drinking water distribution systems. ByoGon, Inc. is a biostimulant products and services company focused on wastewater treatment, soil remediation, and other environmental systems.

As an Alliance Partner with Microbe Detectives, WQI resells Microbe Detectives DNA analysis services as a compliment to its products and services applied in groundwater wells and drinking water distribution systems. ByoGon resells Microbe Detectives DNA analysis services as a compliment to its products and services applied in wastewater systems, soil remediation and other environmental systems. Microbe Detectives provides each Alliance Partner DNA analysis services that are specialized for analyzing microbiomes in wastewater and drinking water systems.

The companies plan to collaborate in educating the drinking water and wastewater industries about risk mitigation and cost savings opportunities through the application of modern DNA analysis methods. This may include co-authoring and co-presenting case studies, white papers, articles and/or research reports.

“Microbe Detectives DNA analysis services allow me to answer a lot of questions that have gone unanswered in drinking water supply,” says Dr. Andrew Jacque, Founder and Chief Scientist of WQI. “I am very pleased to form this Alliance Partnership because it puts me in a better position to help my clients ensure public health is protected while avoiding or eliminating potentially millions of dollars in unnecessary construction costs.”

“We are very customer oriented and application driven,” says Ron Pote, CEO of ByoGon. “The Alliance Partnership with Microbe Detectives gives us another yardstick to quantify the performance of our natural biostimulant products applied in wastewater, soil treatment, and other environmental systems. This eliminates guesswork and enables our clients to take concrete steps, based on quantitative data, to improve the performance of their systems, prevent plant shutdowns, and mitigate compliance risks.”

“WQI and ByoGon bring deep application knowledge and complementary products and services to the Alliance Partnerships,” says John Tillotson, CEO of Microbe Detectives. Our synergies are well positioned to drive significant positive change with water systems in the years to come.”

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Andrew Jacque, PhD, PE, Water Quality Investigations, LLC, ajacque@wqinvestigations.com
Ron Pote, ByoGon, Inc., ron@byogon.com
John Tillotson, Microbe Detectives, LLC, john.tillotson@microbedetectives.com

About Microbe Detectives

Microbe Detectives opens a new window into the microbial world using proprietary state-of-the-art DNA analysis services to analyze environmental microbiomes. We revolutionize opportunities to mitigate risk of water and food related diseases, improve capital and operating efficiencies of water, wastewater, and food/beverage operations, and create better products that rely on microbes as a key ingredient. The company was founded in 2013 by Trevor Ghylin during his PhD work in Environmental and Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Microbe Detectives is a Winner of the Wisconsin Innovation Awards and the Water Council’s World-Class Seed Accelerator – BREW. After three years of market preparation, the Company has validated its services with over 100 customers. Some of these customers include AO Smith, CH2M, East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Land-O-Lakes, Novozymes, Pentair, and Sealed Air. See: microbedetectives.com