river bend labs partnership Milwaukee, WI – November 9, 2016 – River Bend Labs, a Missouri-based biotech troubleshooting, optimization and nutrient products company, and Microbe Detectives LLC, a Wisconsin-based pioneer in metagenomic services, today announced a multi-year partnership. Through the partnership, the two companies will collaborate to advance performance of industrial and municipal wastewater systems across North America. River Bend Labs will resell Microbe Detectives DNA analysis services as a compliment to their products and services. Microbe Detectives will provide DNA analysis services and support.

“We are focused on solving problems and optimizing the performance of wastewater systems in all types of industries, from anaerobic digestion for biogas production, to nitrification, and other specialized biological processes” said Chris Hatch, Director of Biotechnologies and Engineering at River Bend Labs. “Microbes are the workhorse of these systems. They require proper nutrition and management to ensure systems are optimized for performance. Microbe Detectives DNA analysis services identify and quantify nearly 100% of the microbes in these systems in a single test, and convert the data into insight. Essentially, this eliminates a lot of guesswork, and enables a shift in what’s possible with operational performance or troubleshooting.”

“River Bend Labs is a leading consultancy and nutrient products company for wastewater systems, ” said John Tillotson, CEO of Microbe Detectives. “Our businesses and offerings are well aligned to create synergistic value, creating a compelling value proposition for customers, and a new growth platform for both of our companies.”

For more information, please contact:

Chris Hatch, River Bend Labs chris.hatch@riverbendlab.com
John Tillotson, Microbe Detectives john.tillotson@microbedetectives.com

About River Bend Labs

River Bend Labs is a leading consultancy and nutrient products company providing solutions to the wastewater industry. We believe doing the right thing for the Biology is the right thing for the Environment. Our degreed, operationally experienced experts, backed by our treatability lab, troubleshoot and optimize industrial biological systems and help clients reach top efficiency and stability with their processes.

  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • Aerobic Treatment and Settling
  • Nitrification
  • Bioscrubber and Biogas Scrubbing
  • Denitrification
  • Groundwater
  • Dewatering


About Microbe Detectives

Microbe Detectives opens a new window into the microbial world of water and wastewater systems using proprietary metagenomic and data science services. We revolutionize opportunities to mitigate risk, improve capital and operating efficiencies and validate product performance. The company was founded in 2013 by Trevor Ghylin during his PhD work in Environmental and Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Microbe Detectives is a Winner the Wisconsin Innovation Awards and The Water Council’s World-Class Startup Accelerator – BREW. Clients include ByoGon , CH2M, City of Fond Du Lac, East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), International Microbial Associates , LuminUltra , Novozymes, River Bend Labs , Water Quality Investigations . . . Eliminate the guesswork. https://microbedetectives.com/