Setup Facility-System-Location for Clients

Submit plant diagram to determine the best locations for sampling. Setup Systems and Locations for registration and reporting. Labels on report charts will contain shortened code: FACILITYSYSTEMLOCATIONDATE SAMPLE TAKEN*-SAMPLE ID#*-EVENT*

FACILITY* physical location where sample will be taken: name of plant
STATE where sample will be taken
SYSTEM*(s) within the facility where sample will be taken, for example: DIG, AD1, AD2, BNR
LOCATION* where sample will taken or type of sample, for example: MLSS (Mixed Liquor), EFFL (Effulent), INFL (Influent), DIGST (Digestate)
INDUSTRY for benchmarking (pick one): municipal, ag, cheese, dairy, industrial, commercial, other
Sample TYPE for benchmarking (pick one): BNR, AD, potable, cooling, ww-other, surface, other
EVENT* or notes is optional and entered during sample registration, for example: before, after, upset, optimal

*entered by client during sample registration (client selects facility/system/location from a selection box)

sample wwtp

EVENT optimal

Resulting CODE for chart labels on reports: WEST-DIG-EFFL-07-28-22-10258-optimal