Microbe Detectives Alliance Partners

The purpose of the Alliance Partner Program is to help make our partners’ products and services better. Here are some examples:

  • Validate and measure the performance of your biotech products and services.
  • Extend new, complimentary value propositions.
  • Eliminate guesswork in microbiological problem solving and management.
  • Develop and/or co-develop new solutions.
  • Gain marketing exposure and sales leads.
  • Receive¬†specialized training and support.
  • Co-author and co-present case studies, white papers, articles and research reports
  • Collaborate on marketing communications, promotions and leadership events

If you believe our services may be strategic to your business, please contact us. Let’s explore.

Contact John Tillotson at 630-310-9353 or john.tillotson@microbedetectives.com

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