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EBS – Wastewater Training and Consulting (985) 674-0660

EBS Environmental Business Specialists is an independent wastewater consulting and training company providing unique solutions to a variety of operational and training challenges facing  wastewater professionals. The EBS client list includes Fortune 500 corporations and small manufacturing facilities alike. We service systems like pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, petroleum refineries, and chemical processing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

By understanding and addressing both the system and its biology, we focus on providing the results you desire. We emphasize reducing your total cost of environmental compliance through reactive measures and risk management. We invite you to tour our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Emails and phone calls are free. Let us hear from you.


Since 1997, EBS has provided specialized on-site support to industrial wastewater treatment systems.


EBS offers a variety of training formats including seminars and workshops, customized on-site training, and online wastewater courses.


The EBS laboratory has the capability to conduct all the basic tests needed for routine monitoring of a biological wastewater system.