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International Microbial Associates Inc. (630) 640-1274

International Microbial Associates is an independent consulting firm that advises clients on methods for controlling microbes.

linda robertsonLinda Robertson, president of International Microbial Associates, consults with mills worldwide and has unique industrial microbial experience. She has worked for a leading paper and forest products company and for a major biocide supplier. She brings over 35 years of practical problem solving experience to clients, resolving microbial slime and spoilage problems in numerous industries. She has worked with clients on every continent helping them save millions of dollars of lost product and developing new programs.

Independent Consulting for Industry

  • Problem Solving
  • Review of new engineering projects
  • Biocide selection studies
  • Training for engineers and operators
  • New product development support
  • Program assessment/process improvement
  • Bid Review