The Water Microbiome: 90-Second Insights from Leading Experts

Microbiome in the Water Industry

Mike Reardon, Water Industry Executive/Entrepreneur

Why I Started Microbe Detectives

Trevor Ghylin, Ph.D., P.E., Founder, Microbe Detectives

5 Benefits of DNA Analysis of Wastewater

Leon Downing, Ph.D., Senior Technologist, CH2M

The Microbiome

Professor Jack A. Gilbert, Ph.D., Director of the Microbiome Center and Professor of Surgery, University of Chicago; Group Leader for Microbial Ecology, Argonne National Laboratory

The Aquatic Microbiome at the Shedd

Dr. Bill Van Bonn, Vice President, Animal Health
Shedd Aquarium, Chicago Illinois

Investment Perspective

John Robinson, Partner, Mazarine Partners