Learn about DNA analysis at the Microbiome Water Summit

My name is John Robinson, I run a consultancy called Mandarin Environment. We’re a strategy and operations consultancy, advising international water tech companies on strategy and operations for China. China’s a massive market, but a difficult market and so theres an opportunity for consultancies like ours to support the growth and development of our clients in China. On the other side of my desk I am a general partner in a private equity fund we are called Mazarine Ventures, were a technology fund, investing in hardware and software companies that have solutions for water and wastewater problems in the private and public sector.

As a water industry practitioner, when I heard about the Water Microbiome Summit I got really excited. There’s such a lack of education amongst our industry about DNA and metagenomics and the evolution of diagnostics, vis a vis DNA, and for summit like this to come in 2017, the timing couldn’t be any better. People are hungry for information about DNA science and technology in the industry and so the Microbiome Water Summit brings an education that the industry needs.

John Robinson
Managing Principal, Mazarine Ventures