Instructions for Collecting Water Sample

After ordering water DNA analysis online, we will ship our collection kit to you via Priority or Express Mail. The kit contains supplies for collecting water sample, shown below. After you have collected, registered and shipped your sample, you will receive a DNA Analysis report focusing on bacteria that are typically important in water, produced by a doctoral-level application expert. Click here to download sample reports.

dna kit
kit contents
register sample

1. Collect Representative Sample

Wear gloves to prevent contamination. For liquid samples, use instructions below. For solids, add sample and yellow dessicant card to the Whirl-Pak bag and seal.

2. Fill out COC Form (Chain of Custody) 

Add Whirl-Pak bag or filter housing (dry off housing with a clean paper towel first) to zip loc bag with completed COC form and yellow desiccant card.

3. Register and Enter Sample Data

Sample ID number is on the red label, located on the COC card. Enter data at Please note we cannot process sample until registration is completed.

4. Ship to Microbe Detectives

Microbe Detectives 935 Curtiss Street, Suite 3, Downers Grove IL 60515

Liquid Sample Collection Instructions

draw water

A. Draw 1ml of wastewater or draw 50ml of process or surface water. For drinking water, draw 50ml into the syringe, repeat steps A, B, C and D six times to push through a total of 300ml or until you feel back pressure, indicating filter clogging.

screw housing

B. Screw the filter housing onto the syringe. The housing contains a filter to collect microbes.

push water

C. Push the syringe plunger to force sample through the filter housing. Stop forcing through the filter if you feel back pressure indicating filter clogging. Record the actual volume.

unscrew housing

D. Unscrew the filter housing from the syringe. Discard syringe after total amount is collected. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE FILTER HOUSING. This would expose and contaminate sample.